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Breathtaking 2 Day Munduk itinerary – A Beautiful Bali Escape

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Twin Lake View, 2 day Munduk Itinerary

Last updated on May 19th, 2023 at 02:18 pm

Away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, Canggu and Seminyak, lies the stunning village of Munduk which really has much to offer. I recently spent a night in Munduk and already want to go back. Much of the time overlooked by visitors when in Bali, I wanted to create this 2 day Munduk itinerary to show you why you should visit and what to do while you are there.

I loved Munduk for its breath-taking views, quiet waterfalls and it was also very cheap. But do note that there will be a lot of walking involved, plenty of hills and steps up and down to waterfalls. Definitely a must for the adventurers out there.

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Where to Stay in Munduk

Umah De Madya

We stayed in a private double room at Umah De Madya and it was perfect for what we wanted. It had a balcony with a brilliant view of the mountains. It was based in Munduk village and just €14 for one night. I would recommend!

Dong Paloh Hostel

Dong Paloh Hostel has a super rating of 9.3 on Hostelworld and really good reviews. It is located in Munduk village with great views. It is roughly €8 per night for a bed in a dorm.

Moondock Luxury Camp

Maybe a unique experience is what you are looking for, check out Moondock Luxury Camp. Stay in a pod on the hills boasting some fantastic views. With brilliant ratings on, it is worth considering. It costs about €95 per night.

How to get around Munduk

Rent a scooter in Munduk

We came by grab taxi from Canggu and rented a scooter while we were in Munduk. The company we used was ‘Munduk Rental with Delivery Scooter‘, contact Agus on WhatsApp +6285737526997.

We rented a scoopy and it was 70k/under €5 per day so it is very reasonable. They were very friendly, helpful and great to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

Get a driver in Munduk

Also don’t rely on Grab or Gojek in Munduk because they are non-existent. I found a driver in Munduk through the person that runs the scooter rental. Udik is his name and I would highly recommend him.

He took us from Munduk to Canggu when we were stuck and prices are reasonable. His WhatsApp number is +6281339982886. If you would rather get a car and a guide instead of rent a scooter then contact Udik as he can help you out.

Day 1 in Munduk: Git Git & Aling Aling Waterfalls

Gitgit Waterfall

After you have rented your scooter, head to Git Git waterfall to kick start this 2 day Munduk itinerary. Insert ‘Git Git waterfall parking area’ into Google Maps (35 minutes from Munduk village). We had just ‘Git Git waterfall’ in maps and ended up going down a very wrong narrow grass path in torrential rain, great craic!

You have to make a donation to park the scooter, anything you want (1k – 5k is normal I think). But you are right across the road from the entrance to Git Git waterfall.

There was a man at the parking area asking us if we wanted to go to a different waterfall and he would be the guide for 150k/€9 each, we politely declined and said we just wanted to go to Git Git which is 20k/€1.20 to enter.

*Don’t forget to pack swimwear and a towel & be sure to bring plenty of cash and ideally some small notes for parking. Just to note, the nearest ATM (ATM BNI on google maps) is in Banyuatis, 7 minutes from Munduk village.

Aling Aling Waterfall

Aling Aling waterfall is another 30 minute drive from Git Git. It is just 20k/€1.20 each to enter this waterfall too.

There are 3 other waterfalls you can see in the same area where you can go swimming, cliff jumping and sliding down a waterfall. But if you want to do the water activities, you need to buy a different ticket which is 150k/€9 each.

Wanagiri Hidden Hill (optional)

If you are interested in getting some cool instagram shots, you can stop at Wanagiri hidden hills and there are many places to get your photo taken (in hearts, nests and so on) with the lake and mountains in the background.

A donation is required and the staff helps you get good photos. We did not stop here, but many do.

Made Oka Warung & Homestay

Enjoy some dinner with a view at Made Oka Warung. I got the curry and it was really nice.

Day 2 in Munduk: Banyumala Waterfall & Munduk Waterfalls

Twin Lake View

Day 2 of the Munduk itinerary starts by heading to Twin Lake View, just 15 minutes of a drive from the village. You can witness the views of Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake with a stunning mountainous backdrop.

Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala Waterfall, 2 day Munduk itinerary
Banyumala Waterfall

Then keep going to Banyumala waterfall, another 12 minutes from the twin lake view.

This was 30k/€1.80 each to enter. We went first thing in the morning and arrived at 8am. There was less than 5 people there when we arrived. It was so quiet and it was stunning. This was definitely our favourite waterfall and I would advise going early.

Golden Valley Waterfall/Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall is not just 1 waterfall, there are actually 4 and none of them are actually called Munduk waterfall (this confused me at the start). They include Golden Valley, Red Coral, Labuhan Kebo & Melanting.

Golden Valley was free to enter but we stopped at Eco Café 1 where you can eat with a view of the waterfall. We had a cup of coffee each and Lak Lak for a total of 45k/€2.80, so cheap! We never had Lak Lak before and saw a picture of it that looked nice, so we got it. It turned out to be tasty.

To get to the café and waterfall you have to go down a really steep hill. To go down and up on the scooter is not for the faint hearted, especially not with 2 people on it (speaking from experience!). It is probably best to park at the top by the road and walk it.

Red Coral Waterfall

Melanting Waterfall, 2 day Munduk itinerary
Red Coral Waterfall

Next up on the Munduk waterfalls is the Red Coral waterfall. We parked at Bali Jegig restaurant (a 3 minute drive from the Golden Valley) which was free. You can park a small bit closer at the main parking for 3k. The red coral was 20k/€1.80 each to enter. This was the busiest of the waterfalls, that being said it really was not that busy compared to the Ubud waterfalls.

Labuhan Kebo Waterfall

Next, you can walk from the red coral waterfall to Labuhan Kebo waterfall. Continue straight from the red coral waterfall and at the end of the road take a right to get to Labuhan Kebo Waterfall. The price is 10k/€0.60 each to enter.

Melanting Waterfall

When you exit Labuhan Kebo turn left and keep walking straight to get to Melanting. Of all the waterfalls, the hill to get down to Melanting was the steepest and you have to climb the most amount of steps.

I counted 340 steps and to be honest, this was the only waterfall we did not go to the very bottom, we stopped when we had a nice view of it. But, I reckon there was another 100 or more steps down to the bottom, so be prepared.

It was 10k/€0.60 to enter this one too.

Enjoy Cafe

Drop back the bike and fuel up after your hard day of walking at Enjoy Café. It is just a 10 minute walk up the road from the scooter rental. Relax with a nice view and some cheap, tasty food, before getting your drive back.

A great 2 days, spending just 110k/€6.70 each on entrance fees to 7 waterfalls.

Bookmark this 2 day Munduk itinerary and refer back during your trip. If you enjoyed this, share it and subscribe for more! Comment below your thoughts or if I missed anything great in Munduk.

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