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Best Cheap Breakfast Canggu: 10 Affordable Cafés in Canggu, Bali

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Last updated on May 19th, 2023 at 02:00 pm

This time I bring you a list of cheap breakfast options in Canggu for those of you on a budget. I have been living in Canggu for 3 months so I have tried a fair share of restaurants in my time here.

One thing I do when researching cafés is look them up on google maps first, you can see the menus for most cafés on maps with prices. It is a good idea to check the reviews too to see if it suits you. So, let’s get into it…

Go To:

  1. Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters
  2. Anomali Coffee
  3. Crate
  4. Bagel it
  5. Machinery
  6. Canteen
  7. Motion Café
  8. The Sloth
  9. Beach Garden
  10. Dian Café

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1. Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster

Cheap breakfast Canggu, Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters

First up is Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster, it was a great find. They have a nice variety for breakfast with such reasonable prices. Most breakfast options are less than 50k. There is a build your own where you can get 2 eggs & toast for just 24k or a plain omelette & toast for 24k. Then add on any extras.

Note that there is an extra 15% added on top for tax and service. I got 2 poached eggs on toast & bacon for, which worked out to a total of 45k including the taxes & service (which is less than €3). The food is really tasty here too.

Plus the coffee is great. There is a nice atmosphere in the café and many people work from here so if you are looking for a place to work, this is a great option.

2. Anomali Coffee

Anomali is a really good café with a nice atmosphere and great coffee. The food is tasty and the staff are very friendly.

The menu has some great breakfast options for under 70k with no extra charges. I am a big fan of the hot oats for breakfast. You can get coffee and a croissant for 55k.

Many people work from this café too. I highly suggest paying a visit.

3. Crate

Everything is very affordable at Crate. Almost everything except drinks and snacks is 65k, making it a great option for a cheap breakfast. The food is really great here too.

Go as early as possible if you can as it can get very busy and you can struggle to find a seat.

4. Bagel it!

Bagel it, located on Batu Bolong, is another reasonable option for breakfast. You can get a cream cheese bagel and a coffee or orange juice for just 50k.

With any bagel purchase, you can get a free orange juice or coffee. They do add 10% on top also. You can get a bacon and egg bagel with a coffee for 66k in total. This place is definitely worth a try if you are a fan of bagels.

5. Machinery

Affordable cafes Canggu, Machinery cafe

Machinery does a 40k all day menu which is great value. I really like the oats porridge there. The pancakes are great too, but not on the 40k menu.

Plus you will be charged 10% tax on top. Machinery has good options for breakfast or lunch.

6. Canteen

Affordable cafes in Bali, Coffee in Canteen

Canteen is also a great option for cheap breakfast in Canggu. Most options are less than 60k, then add on a 10% tax. It is just a 10 minute walk from Canggu beach.

They have a big menu and have lots to choose from, smoothie bowls, porridge, eggs and more. I would highly recommend trying out Canteen.

7. Motion Café

Motion Café can be a cheap place for breakfast depending on what you order. There is a create your own plate option here too. You can get sourdough bread and two eggs any style for 38k and there are no extra charges on top, which is very cheap. Pancakes are only 65k.

8. The Sloth

Cheap breakfast Canggu, the Sloth Bali Chia Pudding & coffee

The Sloth is a vegan restaurant on Batu Mejan. It has breakfast and lunch options for around 50k. Chia pudding is a nice option for Breakfast and just 45k.

There is no added tax or service charge on top either, which is a plus. As well as this it has good wifi and is usually quiet, so is a good place to work from too.

9. Beach Garden

Cheap cafes Canggu, Beach Garden smoothie bowl

The beach garden has great prices for breakfast. You can get a free coffee with your breakfast also. I got the purple garden smoothie bowl – 70k that is including a coffee & Eoin got pancakes for 50k including coffee. BARGAIN!

They also do a bucket of beer for 100k. I noticed it has power sockets too so not a bad spot to do a bit of work.

10. Dian Café

Just off the main street of Batu Bolong you will find Dian café. You can get pancakes & waffles for as little as 30k. It has a really big menu and the staff are really friendly.

The food is so cheap for such a busy area. This is the cheapest on the list.

Where are the best cafés to work from in Canggu?

If you are looking for some cafes to work from in Canggu, here are some popular ones:

  1. Calico (opens 7am)
  2. The Common (opens 7am)
  3. The hungry bird (opens 8am)
  4. Anomali Coffee (opens 6am)
  5. Machinery (opens 7am)
  6. I am vegan babe (opens 7am)
  7. Revolver (opens 6am)
  8. Nude (opens 7am)
  9. Café Coach (opens 7am)

I hope that this post was helpful on ‘cheap breakfast Canggu’. Let me know what you thought or if I am missing out. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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