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10 Cheap Places to Travel as a Solo Female: Affordable Destinations

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Cheap places to travel as a solo female

Last updated on June 28th, 2023 at 04:34 pm

As I normally do not travel alone, I have enlisted some brilliant women, queens of solo travel, to speak about their unique experiences. I will introduce Deirdre, Tally, Amie & Evelina throughout the post. From South America to Asia and Europe, these ladies have travelled far and wide and are full of knowledge, with some great insider tips for you. As Tally says “if you have any reservation about solo travel, just do it!” Read on to find out about their top picks of cheap places to travel as a solo female…

To provide a short overview, it was clear that South East Asia was a hot favourite among all 4, providing great bang for your buck and incredible adventures. Tally gives us some insight into her favourite destinations in South America & Deirdre points out the great places to consider in Europe.

Go To:

South East Asia

  1. Vietnam
  2. Thailand
  3. Indonesia
  4. Laos

South America

  1. Peru
  2. Bolivia


  1. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  2. Romania
  3. Northern Croatia
  4. Bulgaria

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1. Vietnam

Cheap Places to Travel as a Solo Female, Ha Giang loop, Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam

First up for cheap places to travel to as a solo female is Vietnam. 3/4 of the ladies mentioned Vietnam as a favourite.

Tally mentions that plenty of travellers do Vietnam solo, so you won’t be alone. She said that the number and variety of hostels is great, the food was brilliant and the experiences were incredible. The Ha Giang loop, golden hand bridge and Sapa were her highlights. She says she didn’t skimp on activities and even while doing the more expensive activities, her daily spend was still just £35.

One negative Tally mentioned was that buses can be awkward as you arrive really early to places, sometimes around 4 in the morning. Tally avoided taking buses but thankfully, domestic flights were really cheap.

Evelina talks about Northern Vietnam as being pretty affordable, sometimes she was a little on edge with using her phone, but other than that she still felt quite safe. Her favourite things to do there were the Ha Giang loop and Cat Ba island.

Amie also mentioned going to Hanoi and the Ha Giang loop and that the quality of accommodation for the price you pay was the best in Vietnam.

Evelina behind @evs_adventures Instagram page is a travel enthusiast & digital nomad who offers invaluable solo travel tips, guides & shares what her life is like as a digital nomad.

2. Thailand

cheap and safe places for female solo travellers, white temple, Chiang Rai,
White Temple, Chiang Rai

Tally talks about Thailand and how most people start their travels in Bangkok. She was barely ever on her own in Thailand and thought it was a really social place. This makes it a great destination to travel solo. She says you get a lot of support travelling in Thailand and loved the food there, mentioning you can get a meal for around £1.50.

Evelina also explains why Thailand is great to travel alone. “Northern Thailand is one of the safest and budget friendly places to visit. Chiang Mai is great, it is extremely safe and budget friendly with great food and great people. It is surrounded by mountains with lots of digital nomads and things to do.

There are amazing coffee shops and a laid back vibe. It is not too busy, not too quiet and has lots of opportunities to meet people.”

Check out my recent post on must visit places in Thailand for some inspiration.

3. Indonesia

Twin Lake View, 2 day Munduk Itinerary, 10 Cheap Places to Travel as a Solo Female
Twin Lake Viewpoint, Munduk, Bali

Deirdre mentioned that “Indonesia stands out as one of the best places I have travelled to solo. Everything from food to accommodation is affordable. The locals in Java and Sumatra were always up for a chat with me which I loved and this helped me feel more at ease. The hostels that I stayed in were social and I made pals to hang out with in no time.”

Amie also mentioned Bali, Indonesia as being a favourite for her. In terms of overall spending money, it goes very far in Bali.

Indonesia is quite diverse as you have Sumatra up North where you can see orangutans, Java in the middle where you can go hiking volcanoes and discover a multitude of temples. Bali is the most popular for tourists and digital nomads who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. It is a popular surfing spot too.

For more Bali inspiration, read my 2 day Munduk itinerary and how to get to the gili islands.

Amie (@amie_wiley on Instagram) is founder of Active with Amie that helps women with their health, fitness and mindset goals. Amie has travelled to many countries and continents and loves to share her travel experiences and what she learns from them.

4. Laos

Kuang Si Waterfall, Laos, cheap and safe places for female solo travellers, photo by Simone Fischer on unsplash
Kuang Si Waterfall, Laos

Evelina & Tally both talk about Laos. They both loved that it was super affordable. Evelina mentions there were lots of backpackers, delicious food, great hostels and availability of transport. Plus, the nature is beautiful there.

On the other hand she did say that it is a poor country and it lacks infrastructure – a lack of hygiene, poor/dusty roads, lots of rubbish but don’t be discouraged as it is a great place to backpack!

5. Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru, 10 Cheap Places to Travel as a Solo Female, photo by Willian Jesten de Vasconcellos on unsplash
Machu Picchu, Peru

Tally talks about how Peru is a great cheap place to travel as a solo female. She says it is very affordable but there are loads to do there which can increase the cost. It is an incredibly safe place to travel and a good starting point for people. She thought Peru had the best food in South America.

Some of the popular things to do in Peru include; hiking the Inca Trail, exploring the Amazon rainforest, hiking Macha Picchu & visiting Lake Titicaca to name a few.

Tally (@_taltravels_ on Instagram) is currently backpacking solo through South East Asia and has previously travelled solo through South America. Tally documents her incredible adventures over on her instagram & shares her expert advice.

6. Bolivia

Salt Flats, Bolivia, cheap and safe places for female solo travellers
Salt Flats, Bolivia

Tally really enjoyed Bolivia and would recommend it for solo female travellers. She felt very safe there and thought it was very laid back. She said it was really cheap and the food was ok. The salt flats tour was the BEST thing she did in South America. Check out the tours available here.

7. Bosnia & Herzegovina


Deirdre recommends visiting Sarajevo & Mostar. “In Sarajevo, I did a free walking tour and got loads of good tips on where to eat locally and learned about the city. I would highly recommend going to the memorial Gallery 11/07/95 to learn about the Srebrenica massacre.”

She enjoyed the pretty old town of Mostar too. “The main thing to do is stroll along the river, see the old bridge and go to some of the museums”.

Deirdre & Niamh, the 2 sisters behind @girlsgobackpack Instagram page, both full-time healthcare workers who love to spend their time-off travelling (mostly solo) while documenting their adventures and sharing top tips along the way.

8. Romania

Cluj Napoca
Cluj Napoca

Deirdre suggests heading to Cluj Napoca in Romania if you are looking for a cheap weekend away. “The old town is beautiful and especially so during the Christmas markets.”

She availed of the free walking tour and strolled around the city after. Also, Deirdre noted that there is not a whole pile to do in the line of sightseeing, but it is perfect for a weekend. Plus, be sure to wrap up as it gets extremely cold!

9. Northern Croatia

Zagreb. Croatia,
Zagreb, Croatia

Deirdre enjoyed her time in Croatia. She advises if you are planning a European road trip, to consider the Croatian towns of Rovinj, Pula and the mountain villages of Grozjnan and Motovun. As they are off the beaten track, you do need a car to get there.

Deirdre has been south to Dubrovnik as well but noticed it was much more expensive down there, so head North if you are on a budget.

Check out more of my Croatia posts – what to do in Split for a week and use this packing list for Croatia to get set on your travels.

10. Bulgaria

Sofia Cathedral, Bulgaria, cheap places to travel as a solo female
Sofia Cathedral

Finally Deirdre recommends Sofia as a cheap place to travel as a solo female. “Everything is extremely cheap and the food and beer there is so nice”. Her highlight was doing a hiking day trip to the seven lakes with Get Your Guide. You can book the tour here.

I hope you enjoyed this post on 10 cheap places to travel as a solo female and gained some inspiration for your next trip. Be sure to share this post with your friends, comment below your thoughts and subscribe for more travel content.

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