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Complete 7 Day Road Trip: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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7 Day Road Trip through Germany, Austria & Switzerland, Photo by Max Böttinger on Unsplash

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 09:48 am

Do you want to experience 4 different countries in 7 days? This is the itinerary for you. It includes a 7 day road trip through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also, the sixth smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein! This is the perfect trip for you to make a good dent on your scratch map. The road trip begins and ends in Frankfurt.

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How is driving in Germany, Austria & Switzerland?

  • In Germany, there were a lot of roadworks so there may be areas where you have to drive very slowly through. So account for these delays when you are getting to the next stop of the route. This website has an interactive map that shows where the roadworks are, for what distance and the speed limit you have to do.
  • Munich is a nightmare to drive in so I would suggest parking on the outskirts of the City and getting public transport in.
  • Research parking before you get to each place so you are not stressed about where to park when you get there.
  • On the autobahn (motorway in Germany), there are certain sections where you can go as fast as you like, there is no speed limit. These areas are marked by a white sign with 4 black diagonal lines. So unless you have a powerful car, try keep to the slow lane because there will be cars zooming past so fast, you will barely see them.
  • When entering Austria, you need a vignette for the windscreen of your car. You can buy this 10 day toll sticker for about €6 online or via petrol stations, newsagents or post offices. Find more information on the Austrian vignette toll sticker here.
  • In Switzerland, you need to have a vignette too. Buy the one that lasts 1 year (that is the one you need) and it will cost about €35. You can buy it in petrol stations or online. Visit this website for more information on the Swiss vignette.

What is the best time of year to travel to Germany, Austria & Switzerland?

Autumn is the best time to do this trip. We went at the start of November and driving through the Black Forest was stunning with the multi-coloured leaves surrounding us.

What’s more, in some of the cities, they were starting to get ready for the Christmas festivities – setting up the Christmas markets and mulled wine could be bought everywhere or Gluhwein as they call it.

As well as this, driving to Austria was very scenic as the mountains were covered in snow.

Is it expensive in Germany, Austria & Switzerland?

Germany is quite cheap when you compare it to many of its western neighbours. I was delighted with myself when I could get a pretzel the size of my head for €1 for my breakfast and beer that was under €4. We found Austria cheap as well, similar to Germany. Here, I was drinking cocktails for €3.

But be mindful that Switzerland, on the other hand, is far more expensive. We went to an Irish pub and it was €30 for a burger, chips and a beer!! We only got one meal in Switzerland and waited until we were over the border in to Germany to get our breakfast the next morning.

1 Night in Frankfurt

Romerberg, road trip Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Romerberg, Frankfurt

I think a good starting and ending point on the road trip through Germany, Austria & Switzerland is Frankfurt as it has a major international airport with flights arriving from all over the world (Frankfurt Airport or FRA), so it is a good option if you are coming by plane. This City is quite industrialised as it is a major financial hub and home to the European Central Bank.

In Frankfurt, we walked around the City, the old town and Romerberg was a really nice part of the City. As well as this, we climbed the main tower and got a 360 view over Frankfurt. But, I would suggest to spend no more than one day here.

Where to stay in Frankfurt for one night?

  • Hotel Miramar am Romer is a nice option which is about €80 per night for a double room. It is a 3 star hotel, located centrally.
  • We stayed at Main Hotel Frankfurt City. It was €40 for the night for a double room and shared bathroom. If you are on a tight budget, this is fine. It was really basic, more like a hostel, than a hotel. It was nothing special and fairly old, but it did the job for 1 night.
  • a&o Frankfurt Ostend hostel is an option which may be a good option for those travelling on their own. It is around €40 per night for a bed in a female or mixed 6 bed dorm. It is about 2.6km from city centre.

1 Night in Nuremburg

Driving time: 2 hours 50 minutes

On day 2 of this 7 day itinerary, head to Nuremburg. We didn’t know much about it before going, but it was surprisingly nice. We paid a visit to the Nuremberg Castle and walked by the City Walls. The Lorzenkirche is a lovely church in the Centre and we had a browse around the market Square too.

Where to Stay in Nuremburg?

  • If you are looking for a hostel, the 5 reasons hostel is a good choice. It is located in the city centre and you can get a bed in a dorm for as little as €28 per night.
  • We stayed at Ibis Hotel Nurnberg Alstadt. It was €59 for 1 night for a standard queen room. It was really nice and just a short walk from the town and all the main attractions.
  • If you have more to spend then Park Inn by Radisson Nürnberg seems to be a good option. It is around €75 per night and has great reviews.

1 Night in Munich

Munich, Germany, Austria, Switzerland itinerary 7 days
Evening sky in Munich

Driving time: 1 hour 55 minutes

Munich is known for its beer and Oktoberfest, the annual celebration. I remember looking up everywhere I went because the buildings were so big.

While we were in Munich, we went to see a Soccer match at the Allianz Arena. I have no interest in soccer and only went because I am a sound girlfriend, but the stadium was actually really cool. The outside of the stadium was lit up in red as we were entering and there was a great atmosphere inside.

Where to Stay in Munich?

  • For a budget friendly hostel, you can stay at Jaegers Munich. You can get a bed in dorm for just €24 per night. The ratings are very good.
  • Hotel Eder is a great mid range option, around €90 per night. The location is great, just a 3-minute walk from Munich Main train Station. The rankings are very good across the board, but especially good on value for money.
  • If you are looking for a more high end place to stay with great reviews and central location, you can check out Hotel Concorde a 4 star hotel. A room here is about €200 per night.

A visit to Schloss Neuschwanstein

Schloss Neuschwanstein,
Schloss Neuschwanstein

Driving time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Stop at Schloss Neuschwanstein on you way to Innsbruck, you will not regret it. This castle was built in the 19th Century, based near the town of Fussen on the Austrian border with such beautiful surroundings.

We did not purchase any tickets and just walked around the outside. But you have the option to enter and get a guided tour here. The walk up to the castle from the road can takes about 30 minutes but you have the option of getting a shuttle bus also when you are there.

When you get to the top, there is a place selling hot drinks, we paid €5 each for a coffee and you get to keep the cup (they are proper cups with a picture of the castle on them).


1 night in Innsbruck

Innsbruck - Road trip Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Top of Innsbruck

Driving time: 1 hour 50 minutes

The drive is really cool to Innsbruck, we had a view of snow covered mountains and you pass through many tunnels that go through the mountains. The town of Innsbruck is really scenic as the mountains are right beside it.

While we were here, we got a cable car to the top of Innsbruck. It was a very worthwhile experience and I would highly recommend it. We booked our tickets with get your guide. If you want to go too, you can book your tickets here.

Where to stay in Innsbruck?

  • In Innsbruck, we stayed in Montagu Hostel, it was really nice, clean, basic accommodation. I would highly recommend it. We stayed in the standard double room and it was €72 for the night.
  • B&B Hotel Heimgartyl has very good ratings on It is located very well. 15 min walk from the town and 5 minutes from the cable car. It is around €90 per night for a double room.
  • If you want to go all out, you can stay in Hotel Maximilian, a 4 star hotel for about €180 per night. It has a superb ranking on and is centrally located.

A quick stop in Liechtenstein

Vaduz Castle Liechtenstein
Vaduz Castle

Driving time: 2 hours 20 minutes

On route to Zurich, choose to go by Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. It is more or less on the way anyway. We stopped here for a walk around the town. There is a nice view of Vaduz Castle, which is situated up on a hill.

1 Night in Zurich

Driving time: 1 hour 15 minutes

On day 4 of this 7 day road trip, make way to Zurich. Zurich is the financial capital of Switzerland, a very expensive city. It is a nice to stroll around and take in the old town.

Where to Stay in Zurich for one night?

  • Green Marmot Capsule Hotel Zurich is a good, reasonably priced option. A single capsule is around €50 per night. Capsule hotels are basically many small bed sized rooms that are known as capsules and have a curtain at the entrance. It is reviewed very good.
  • We stayed in Hotel St. George’s for €117 for 1 night. It is a 2 star hotel and was really nice. I would recommend it.
  • A more high-end option would be Boutique Hotel Helmhaus Zürich, a 4 star hotel. A double room is about €350 per night here. The location is central and the reviews are great.

1 night in Freiburg im Breisgau

Driving time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Freiburg is among the Southern part of the Black Forest and is known for its medieval town centre. So, on the way to Freiburg, we got to see areas of the black forest. While you are here, you should take a stroll down the picturesque cobblestone streets and check out the shops along the way, it is a charming place.

Where to Stay in Freiburg?

  • The Black Forest Hostel is a good budget option, here you can get a single bed in a dorm for as little as €25. It is located well, just 0.8km from the centre.
  • We stayed at Hotel & Restaurant Sichelschmiede for the night. We booked the double room and paid €99. We really liked this accommodation. The room was above a restaurant/bar and the building is really pretty with rooms that have a real cosy feel to them.
  • If you want to treat yourself to a 4 star hotel, the try the Park Hotel Post. It is around €150 for 1 night for a double room. Breakfast is included. The location is great, situated in the old town. Also, the hotel offers free bicycle hire, which may be a nice way to explore Freiburg.

Black Forest Route

Black forest views on our 7 day road trip through Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Black Forest, Germany

From Freiberg, we joined the Bundesstrabe 500 or B500 around the location of ‘Fuhrer Hauptquartier Tannenberg’. The ideal route is to stay on this road to Baden Baden and this is the real height of the Black Forest. So, be sure to stop along the way, there are areas to pull in and go for a stroll up the mountain and take in the scenery.

1 Night in Baden Baden

Driving time: 2 hours 10 minutes

On the last day of our 7 day road trip in Germany, Austria & Switzerland, we opted to stay in Heidelberg. But I wished we stayed in Baden Baden as it looks to be a better option. My thoughts on Heidelberg is that it is good for shopping which is not what we were looking for. That is why I would recommend Baden Baden instead.

Baden Baden is located in the black forest and world renowned for it’s Roman bath culture. Caracalla spa and Friedrichsbad are the 2 most well known so consider a visit to at least one. As well as this, it is a good base to go hiking in the black forest.

Where to Stay in Baden Baden?

  • Hotel Athos is around €90 per night for a double room. It has really good ratings and is located in a park just 10 minutes walk from the town centre.
  • Hotel Rathausglöckel a 4 star hotel, costing roughly €150 per night for a double room. It has great reviews and located in the old town.

Back to Frankfurt

Driving time: 2 hour 5 minutes

The final stop is returning to Frankfurt to catch your flight or continue to your next destination.

I hope you enjoyed this itinerary for a 7 day road trip through Germany, Austria & Switzerland and your journey is an enjoyable one. If you found this helpful, feel free to share it with your friends. Comment below your thoughts or experiences.

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  • Don't forget to get travel insurance before you set out on your adventure. Safety Wing is a great choice and so reasonable.
  • If you are looking for accommodation, then Hostelworld or are good options with plenty of accommodation choices.
  • Looking to book tours, entry tickets and more, check out Get your Guide.
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