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Vegan Food Eindhoven: 10 Best Places In The City Centre

Waffelicious, 10 Best Vegan Restaurants Eindhoven Centre

Last updated on April 9th, 2023 at 11:51 am

In this ‘Vegan Food Eindhoven’ post, I will let you know the best vegan food places that I have tried. I have lived in Eindhoven for nearly 2 years and have tried out many restaurants in my time here. These places are all based in the city centre.

The first 6 are restaurants, ideal for dinner, and the last 4 options include a mix of places that are nice for either breakfast, lunch or sweet treats.

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1. Hoogste Tijd

The Hoogste Tijd, which is based on Vrijstraat, is a fully plant based restaurant and has really nice options for dinner or snacks. I tried the Ravioli and the Curry for dinner there and both were very tasty. For dessert, the ice cream sandwich gets top marks from me. It is also a really nice pub that has an N64 which you can play Mario-kart on.

2. Vegan Junk Food Bar

If you are in the mood for a burger or some loaded fries, then Vegan Junk Food Bar, on Kerkstraat, is a good choice. As you will guess by the name, it is a fully vegan restaurant. Get a beer or cocktail after to wash it down.

3. Takumi

Are you a fan of Japanese food or curious to try it out? Takumi have some nice vegan options for dinner. It was my first time trying Japanese food and I went for the Vegan Tofu Miso Ramen dish. I did not know what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very tasty and I would DEFINITELY go back again. It is based on Kerkstraat as well.

4. Sugo Pizza

Sugo (located on Nieuwstraat) is a nice choice if it is a pizza you are after. They serve the pizza slices as squares and you can mix and match different ones. Sound good? Even better, they cook them in a stone pizza oven, so they have light and crispy bases. There is some nice vegan options here that you can choose from. I can confirm the pizza’s are very tasty.

5. Poke Bowl Original

I return to Poke Bowl Original regularly. It is also situated on Nieuwstraat. You can choose from plant based proteins of fried tofu or vegan fish. Then you can mix and match mix-ins, dressings and toppings how you like. The Poke Bowl I normally get is a nice, fresh, healthy meal and very filling.

6. Calypso

If you are looking for some dinner, calypso is fully vegan restaurant. It is located on stratumseind. The chili con carne was a nice meal that I have tried there. They have a nice selection of beer and wine and they serve cocktails as well.

7. Anne & Max

Is it a nice breakfast or lunch you are looking for? Anne & Max have a nice selection of plant based options. I got the very vegan club sandwich and it was delicious.

The coffee is good there too and they sell their own bags of coffee if you want to drink more of it at home. It is located on kleine berg.

8. The Happiness Cafe

The Happiness Cafe is a good spot for a coffee and a sweet treat. I lived in an apartment above the Happiness Cafe (on Nieuwe Emmasingel) for 3 weeks which was very dangerous! Why? Because, I used go down for a poppy seed and lemon slice most days. They are one of the nicest vegan deserts I have had.

I am a big fan of the apple-cinnamon muffin too. As well as cakes and muffins, they have a nice selection on the menu for a vegan breakfast. I have tried the berry pancakes and they are divine.

9. Coffeelab

If you are interested in great coffee and a sweet treat, the coffeelab is a great choice. It is a favourite by many for its delicious coffee. They have some vegan treats like rocky road and also do vegan hot chocolate.

Located upstairs in the train station, it is a great location. There is an area especially for people who want to work also, that has power outlets to charge your laptop.

10. Waffelicious

Waffelicious (situated on Nieuwstraat) does unbelievable vegan waffles. But beware, these are a meal in themselves, with such a big feed in just one. So, if you plan on visiting with someone, I would recommend getting 1 waffle between 2 people unless you want to be rolled out the door. But it was delicious!

I would have to say my favourite dinner was in Takumi and my favourite dessert was in waffelicious.

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