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What To Do On Long Flights: 10 Flight Entertainment Ideas

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Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash, 10 things to do on a long haul flight

Last updated on March 30th, 2023 at 11:22 am

Wondering what to do while you fly above the clouds? Stick around for 10 ideas on what to do on long flights. Now, you may as well use this free time to your advantage. Nobody can contact you in the air, you have a bit of peace to do what you want. Bring all the snacks you want, call the air host/hostess for more free drink, curl up in a blanket to watch some good movies, take a nap, the list goes on…

Go to:

  1. Sleep
  2. Have a few Drinks
  3. Watch a movie or TV Show
  4. Read a Book
  5. Listen to a Podcast
  6. Listen to Music
  7. Play a Game
  8. Play Cards
  9. Go for Walks
  10. Do some Work

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1. Sleep

The number one thing to do is sleep. Ideally, chose an over-night flight that leaves when you should be going to bed. This way you are more likely to sleep for much of the flight.

If you get in a good few hours of a snooze, then you should be refreshed when you get off at the other side. This means you have some energy to make your way to your accommodation and maybe do some exploring!

I always try to tire myself out before getting on a plane so I can hopefully sleep for most of the flight.

2. Have a few drinks

Most airlines offer free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on long haul flights, so make use of the luxury while you have it. Don’t be afraid to ask, if they are not offering.

Try out the different drinks, get something you wouldn’t normally drink and treat yourself. Have a few glasses (plastic cups) of wine or beer, while you watch a good movie.

Although, take note that the dry air in the plane can make you thirsty so be sure to drink plenty of water too.

3. Watch a Movie or TV Show

If you don’t normally have time to watch much TV, now is your chance. The TV’s on the planes offer a whole host of movies and TV shows. What’s better, is they usually have the newest movies. Maybe you wanted to see the latest movie in the cinema, have a look for it and it might be there.

What better way to pass a few hours, than binge watch a TV show. Friends, Bridgerton, Stranger Things would be some of my picks. Find what you like, relax and enjoy.

4. Read a Book

Maybe you are more of a reader, then make sure to bring a new book or download one on your kindle. What is one of the books that you always said you will read, but never did? Now is the time.

Reading a good book, can pass a few hours on the plane. They usually have a nice selection of books at most airports if you forget to pack one.

5. Listen to a Podcast

Be sure to download your favourite podcasts before you fly, so you can catch up while you have the time. If you have enough of looking at screens from watching TV and reading an e-book, a podcast is a good option. I use Spotify to listen.

Most podcasts are about an hour, so a few of these will get you a lot of the way to your destination. My favourites are ‘The laughs of your life with Doireann Garrihy‘ and ‘The diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett‘.

6. Listen to Music

Listening to music may be your thing, you can listen to some on your phone, so don’t forget your headphones. But also airlines usually have music you can listen to too.

The in flight entertainment system (the TV in front of you) has a USB dock so you can charge your phone. So don’t worry about your phone being drained of battery from listening to music.

7. Play an Onboard Game

Playing games is one of the things to do on a long haul flight. The TV’s onboard offer many games. Try a few out and you might find some you like. Tetris kept me occupied for a while on my way to New Zealand.

8. Play Cards

If you are flying with others, bring a deck of cards. Having a few drinks and playing cards, is a good way to pass the time. Lives, snap, go fish are all great games to keep you entertained.

9. Go for Walks

Don’t forget to get up and move about. Sitting down for long periods of time is not very good for you. Some people have gotten blood clots from being in the air, so keeping your blood circulated is essential. Doing some laps of the plane, will help and pass some time.

10. Do some work

If you need to get ahead, bring your laptop and spend some time working. If you have an online business or if you are a student, being in the air is a good opportunity get some work done.

Now you don’t have to dread the long haul flight, instead you can use this time to your advantage. If these suggestions of what to do on long flights have been helpful, share with your friends or comment below if you have questions.

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